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The angel Gabriel has come and gone. Now Mary, a very real teenage mother-to-be, quickly leaves home on a six day journey across Israel to visit her relative Elizabeth.

In this imaginative novel Mary befriends a Roman war-dog on the caravan. He becomes her guardian, sent to protect her from wolves, a hostile bully, an attempted assault, and a band of armed thieves.

We see her through the dog’s watchful eyes as she touches the lives of the people she meets on the road. Each individual, young or old, carries a loss or a longing, a regret, a fear, or a secret hope. One by one they enter into the circle of her soul-deep honesty and kindness. Each of them, even the dog, comes away changed by the down-to-earth way she reflects God's transforming love for all of creation and for every human soul.

This book is meant for adults and young adults of every faith, or of uncertain faith, or no faith at all, and for all those seeking to understand themselves and others.



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