Weekly Reflections

Come together for a weekly reflection with a prayer, a meditation, or a question to lead us all deeper into our common spiritual journey.

Post #3

There Are Always Angels-  lyrics

There are always angels

by your side

when night is falling all around.

There are always angels

even when your dreams are only dust

surrounding you,

clouding your sight-


There are always angels.


There are always angels

calling through your darkness

with their songs of light.

There are always angels

folding up your fears

in their golden wings

holy and bright-

There are always angels.


Always and everywhere!

Ev’ry hand that lifts someone up,

ev’ry eye that looks with kindness,

ev’ry soul

who lays down a life for a friend-

ev’ry one of these is sent

as a message

straight from heaven, saying

“You are my beloved child;

I will never abandon you.

Look for my angels.”

There are always angels.


©2011 Glenn Lamb McCoy,

Winter Park FL, All rights reserved

Artwork: "Angel with Censor" by Mikhail Vrubel

Post # 2


Here's Amazing Grace (Gracie) demonstrating 'Trustful Rest'


This is the peaceful confidence that, on the deepest level, all of creation is held in the loving hand of God.

Reflect on Book of Job 12:7-10


You have only to ask the animals, 

for them to instruct you, 

and the birds in the sky, 

for them to inform you.

The creeping things of earth 

will give you lessons, 

and the fish of the sea 

provide you an explanation:

there is not one such creature but will know 

that the hand of God has arranged things like this!

In God’s hand is the soul of every living thing 

and the breath of every human being! 

(Copyright NRSV)

(Photo by Raoul, our Rover.com dogsitter in San Diego. Ca.)


Week 1


(a poem for meditation)


 Under watchful stars

the untraveled road awaits.

There is no map,

only the whisper of a sound:

an angel’s voice

or a dream

or the wind through olive trees.

But she does not hesitate.

In haste, we are told,

In haste

Mary, full of grace, sets out.        

       - Glenn Lamb McCoy


4 thoughts on “Weekly Reflections”

  1. We thank you for the joy of knowing you and thank God we belong to the same parish, St. Stephen’s, Winter Springs, Florida. We are granted so many graces as members of this community. The peace we take home from our Sunday Centering Prayer sessions and reflections with you are unmeasurable.

    Glenn, may you achieve all you hope for with your publishings. May God bless all who share in your works with such an amazing imagination as we reflect on what you have shared with us.

    Thank you for opening yourself, your soul, and your God-given Graces in such an amazing way.

    Sincerely, Rosalie and Mary

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